How to Get Flipkart Refund!!!100% trick

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Thu Mar 05, 2020 9:11 pm

​​🎩 FlipKart Refund Trick 🎩


Step 1 - Open A New Flipkart Account..

Step 2 - Order Any Item..

Step 3 - After Receiving The Product Contact Support And Say I You Recived Different,Old Used Product..

Step 4 - Then They Will Ask What You Received You Just Need to Reply YOU Recived Different Product

🔹For Eg If You Order A Ear Phones Just Say Them You Received Broken and different Earphones

Step 5 - Just Return the Product
But Keep The New Product And Return Any Old Shit Product.

Step 6 - Done♨️ Now You Got A Product For Free❤️👍

❤️Some Tips :-

Always Use Different Address And Different Accounts.
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