How to Do phising in termux

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Thu Nov 21, 2019 2:20 pm

By following all the steps mentioned by friends, you can create a phishing page for all the websites.

Step1: First open your Termux.
(Allow loading after all tools are run, enter next command when complete is complete)

Step2: Now press apt update && upgrade and press Enter.

Step3: Then type pkg install git type and press on enter.

Step4: Now type the first git clone and then spray the link by giving space and then enter it.

Step5: After that type Lsand enter.

Step6: Then type cd weeman and then enter.

Step 7: Now you type pkg install python2 and press Enter.

Step8: Now type Ls again.

Step 9: Now after typing the Python2 and enter it.

Now suppose you have to hack Facebook account and create a phishing page for it, now you have to run this command. I am making this phishing page of Facebook, if you want, you can create a Phishing Page of any Login Website (for example - Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc).

Step10: First you have to write set url and enter it.

Step11: Then write set port 8080 and enter.

Step12: Then write set_url set url and enter.

Step13: Now you have to type run and enter.

Then you will see the link localhost: 8080 something like this Now you can send this link to anyone and send it to your victim in any other way. And as soon as they click on this link, Facebook's Fishing page will open in front of them, and as soon as they log in, their information will be down in Termux. Note that do not delete Termux from Background Run until the victim's username and password Do not let you know.
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